The Textile Revolution

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art painting

Outside my window a rain storm lashes and the wind howls and I am sitting here waiting for Spring to come. It is not just to see some sunshine and the flowers peeping through but also I’m ready to see the new launches from all the fabric house and what I can only call – “The Textile Revolution” that is coming.

All  new trends start very quietly with the first signs in the products themselves, after all we designers love to play with fun products, as they are the key to great interiors. Over the last 11 years I have sourced a lot of fabric for various projects. When I first set out in my career in 2002, it was all about creating cream interiors so we would layer texture to give the room some depth. Then came the feature wall, but now we have all wallpapered everything where do we go next?

Make way for the Power textile, it is now their turn to shine. With the revolution that is digital printing, patterns can be made to extraordinary sizes and are no longer restricted by pattern repeats the size of a silk screen. With this comes the possibility to use fabric more like a canvas.  The biggest launch in the last month has got be the artist Jessica Zoob’s collaboration with The Black Edition on her collection “Desire.” It has been so popular that half of the cushions are already out of stock and they haven’t even got all the fabric in stock yet!

beautiful designs by Jessica Zoob

For me she is following the path already set by Jean Paul Gaultier and his two fabric collections released with Lelieve. Both Jessica and Jean Paul’s collections have excited me about the direction design is going. The Fabric houses launch new collections in March in time for Design Week and I am hopeful that we will see yet more exciting things.

floral shower curtain

Koi Carp print textile

Two Jean Paul Gaultier textiles used in Smartstyle designs

But where are we going with this new idea?

I often look to the catwalk and big fashion house to see how they are developing themes. They have been hitting us with some stunning dresses which have classic floral prints and volumes of fabric – something we haven’t encountered since the mid 80s. I think we might start dressing our windows with larger volumes of fabric and I am sure the comeback of the bigger window treatments such as “Swags & Tails” and “Festoon Blinds” is on its way. Like another 80’s icon used to say “All done in the best possible taste”

Lucy Liu and Juliette Lewis wearing stunning modern prints

If you aren’t ready for the blousy curtains then using bolder upholstery fabrics is a great way to liven up an interior. I love to switch things round and use more classic fabrics on retro pieces and modern fabric on antique giving them a whole new vibe and creating an amazing feature piece. These look especially stunning against the dark walls which have become so in vogue – a real pop of colour screaming out from the deep.

New York City and floral upholstery both offer loads of impact

Like all journeys that have only just begun I don’t know where this will take us and how it will shape our rooms over the next few years but I’m very excited be the possibilities.

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