Arts and Crafts family home, kent

black and white entrance hallway with tiled checkerboard floor
black and white entrance hallway

Welcoming walk-in

It’s such a privilege to work with clients to make their home a true reflection of who they are and we’ve especially enjoyed working alongside Gemma and Tom in Sevenoaks, Kent, to help them make their arts and crafts home a space that captures the spirit and fun of those that live within. Period features and modern elements come together to create a classic contemporary space which compliments the original architecture of the house but also reflects the style of the family who owns it and feels welcoming from the moment you walk in.

Kitchen breakfast bar
Dining room Hanging light pendants


Gemma and Tom decided to completely renovate their home and it’s been a pleasure to see it transform from start to finish. A large extension was added to the back of house to accommodate a large shaker kitchen complete with a dining table, a large island and work area, and a casual sitting space that spills out into the garden during warmer months. Bifold glass doors and a skylight allow sunshine to filter into the space all year long and this inviting bright light makes the kitchen the true heart of the home.

Kitchen dining room interior style with hanging light pendants and bifold doors

Drawing the eye

We wanted to create three distinct, but cohesive, areas within the kitchen extension. By hanging handblown glass pendant lights above the wooden table, we were able to create an intimate dining space. The blue glass pops against the neutral colour scheme in the room, drawing the eye to the table.

dining room teal arm chairs and bright abstract cushions
dining room teal arm chairs and geometric floor rug

Pop of colour

A large island provides plenty of work and display space but also creates a casual seating space for the family to gather. A sitting area alongside the grey shaker kitchen allows family members to lounge in the sun or provide company whilst someone is busy working in the kitchen. Turquoise velvet tub chairs pop against the neutral colour palette and help to bring the three spaces within the family kitchen together.

Dining room sofa with paint splatter cushions
Armchair upholstered grey textile
sevenoaks living room


In the formal living room, modern furniture pieces, like this brass coffee table, compliment the home’s period features, such as the open fireplace. We used pops of colour and great fabrics to provide texture to this living room and bring a feeling of depth to the colour palette.

Living room bookcase storage
living room seating and cushion fabrics
living room sofas and floor rug interior styling
living room seating and cushion fabrics

bespoke design

The family wanted a sense of fun to come through in the design, so small details were incorporated throughout the home to make it extra-special and to put a smile on their faces whether they’re seeing it for the first time or the millionth. In the family room, we incorporated bird marquetry inlays in the bespoke wooden cabinets for a pop of personality and fun.

living room rug and arm chair interior styling
living room fireplace log holder and sideboard
living room rug and arm chair interior styling
upholstered arm chair
blue mosaic textile upholstered arm chair

visually engaging

Bespoke Roman Blinds were made for most rooms in the house. We thoughtfully chose each fabric in the space so they’d compliment the other elements in the room and create a visually engaging classic contemporary look.

blue mosaic textile upholstered arm chair
blue mosaic textile upholstered arm chair
Fox head cupboard door handles
children's room dressed bed and paper pom poms

thoughtful choices

The two bedrooms belonging to the family’s young daughters are full of thoughtful design choices that will allow the girls to grow with their rooms and get the most out of each space. Fun details, like the wardrobe door knobs, add extra fun to each room.

childrens room dressed bed with roman blind print
childrens room stone cupboard door handles
children's room fireplace surround
blank image