A Kitchen renovation, North london

We had the pleasure of working on this home over a number of years, renovating the home one room at a time until it was fully complete. Our client used a variety of design services to get the most out of each project, including our Smartstyle Consultations to redesign the bathrooms, T.V. room and guest rooms and our Full Design service for the master bedroom, dining room, living room and custom designed kitchen.

kitchen redesign with twin sinks
Duck Egg kitchen cabinets kitchen redesign

Bespoke Design

When it came time to redesign the kitchen, we were challenged to work within the existing footprint, which was a lot of fun. We loved working out the puzzle of fitting everything into the space. It was such a joy to create a bespoke design in such an amazing colour. 

Kicthen sink
Duck Egg kitchen cabinets kitchen redesign
kitchen redesign with Miele twin built in ovens

Family Kitchen

As with many family homes, our clients had a large demand for storage, worktop space and appliances. To keep the kitchen clutter-free, we integrated most of the appliances and used lots of clever internal storage solutions to keep the scheme cool and calm.

Duck Egg kitchen cabinets kitchen redesign
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