Phoebe’s Fab Three – Wellness in Design – Best Water Jugs!

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With our bodies need to drink over 2 litres a day of water it can be hard to stay on top of that so I have picked three different receptacles that let you keep the daily water habit up.

On the Move!

S’Well 0.5L Stainless Steel The Elements Bottle – Abalone – From Amara – £35 

With a war on plastic, purchasing a bottle of water to have with you while out and about isn’t the way to go any more. Luckily the stainless steel water battle is here to save the day! it can keep your water cold all day long and if you wish you can also have boiling water, for those colder months, as it acts as a thermoses. The leader of design is S’Well who have made them with beautiful design included a range of Liberty prints. A must have item in your bag! 

For Your Desk

Saguaro Carafe by Doiy – 1,3 L– From Made in Design  – £30.76

I always think your desk is the place you should always have water to hand. I spend a lot of time at my desk and having a carafe of it in front of me makes me drink it up. I love the colour of the tinted glass of this this Saguaro Carafe, Added bonus is there are some very nice glasses in the same range so you can be fabulously co-ordinated. Having a lid means if it gets knock you haven’t lost your computer and all your work in one clumsy accident. This jug is also excellent as it can fit in your fridge so you can fill it up and chill it before drinking it throughout the day.

For Entertaining

Glass Drinks Dispenser With Tap – From Grace And Glory Home – £38.00

Hot summer bring out the BBQ and the joy of inviting friends over. As well as filling your guests up with burgers it is also great to have water easily accessible for them throughout the party. After all you don’t want them keeling over!!! Nothing makes it easier than this giant glass drinks dispenser which you can fill with ice and lemon to bring a chic edge to a very plain drink!

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