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Places to Travel as a Design Enthusiast which you might not have considered.

Cities evolve and become the latest fashionable places to head away to and we designers are constantly hunting new places to visit that stimulate our creativity and broaden our imaginations. Copenhagen has been the city of choice for instagram interiors snap shots for a year or so now, but where else should you be considering?

San Francisco , California USA

This city is dear to my heart as my Grandparents lived the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. My favourite trips as a child involved flying over the bay and driving through the rainbow tunnels to their house in Marin County.  As a designer, I love to visit Japan Town: less touristy than China Town and packed with gorgeous Japanese treasures. Close by Chestnut Street is so cool with chic urban cafes and shops, For museums, check out The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for an amazing building filled with striking modern works. Or, if you felt inspired by your time in Japan Time, then check out The Asian Art museum.

It is wondering around the city that brings the best design inspiration as you pass the iconic Victorian colourful houses in Pacific Heights on the sloping streets of San Fran, all the way down to the bay where you can take in the Golden Gate Bridge.

Margate, Kent England

Not long ago Margate was a place you’d actively avoid, let alone consider visiting. It had had its day and why go there when you can head to Brighton? But Margate is back baby!!! With the fantastic Turner Contemporary Museum and Dreamland where you can enjoy rides and gigs. Wondering around you still have the fantastic combination of vintage stores blended with contemporary cool shops, including interior store Papillion Interiors. This is still a town re-inventing itself and it’s worth checking it out now while you see the transformation from old to new. Right now it is a real sweet spot of having character from the old and cutting edge from the new.

Den Haag or The Hague, The Netherlands

When people head away to the Netherlands they classically go to Amsterdam but I can highly recommend heading down the coast to Den Haag. It sits on the sea and canals so water is central to the city.  With its Chic hotels and cosmopolitan shops, restaurants and bars it is a perfect weekend break. It’s everything that so cool about Holland without the English stag parties.

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