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Three Paint Companies you might not have heard of

In this world of ours there is never a reason you can’t find the absolutely perfect paint colour for your room. There are so many companies, producing so many colours. It is also fair to say that Farrow and Ball have really changed the attitude of people towards the humble paint by creating a designer paint market. So, it is hard to turn my head with a paint supplier as even I can become overwhelmed with the choice out there. However, as I love to create happy, healthy homes and I also love to support an independent, for my Phoebe’s fab three I have selected some brands I think are worth checking out!

Fenwick & Tilbrook 

This is a new kid on the block formed by Martin Fenwick and Simon Tilbrook in 2016. They have a gorgeous range of colours and uphold the great tradition of giving their colours fabulous names. After all, who wouldn’t want a room called “Sheringham Beach”, “Hare’s Tail” or “Lamb’s Ear”? They can also create bespoke colours to go with your room design if you can’t find the right shade from their existing range. If those weren’t enough great reasons to look at these guys, then the fact they produce water-based paints with low VOCs making them a healthier choice for your home and the world should win you over.  I think we will start seeing a lot more of this company over the coming years and you will certainly be seeing their colours popping up in my work.

Lakeland Paints

These guys have been the leaders of environmentally friendly paint for a long time. With water-based paints and no VOCs, these are really great for keeping the chemicals out of your decorating. We used this on a project and I was amazed to walk into a freshly painted room and NOT have that paint smell in the air. As well as appealing to my wholesome side they also have a really colourful range and are worth checking out if you are looking for the brighter shades in your scheme. To help change the world they can also colour match to another brand, so you can have as many options as you like for getting your paint selection just right.

Paint the Town Green

Paint the Town Green is an interesting brand that I have discovered. They are actually an eco friendly painting and decorating firm based in North London who have released their own range of paints which are VOC free and water-based. The founder, Phil Robinson, was conscious of the harmful effects of chemical-based paint, not just on his clients and their families but also on his workers. After all, a decorator is breathing in paint all day, every day. They have a small range of 36 colours and an additional range of 6 colours by designer Nicky Haslam.  I think this is a little gem!

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