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Posted by Phoebe Oldrey in Biophilic Design, Interior Design Advice

This month I am celebrating all things “Nature” and how we just feel so much better by being in contact with the great outdoors. By looking at the principles of Biophilia I have been fascinated how we can bring that happy feeling to our interiors. Natural products are an amazing way to go to bring the outdoors in and I can think of no better person who exemplifies this than Tom Raffield.

I first saw Tom’s work at 100% Design in 2015 and as soon as I saw his work I started to shout about his designs on the blog and shortly afterwards used one of his lights in a project, which made both myself and my client very happy. Tom has mastered the skill of steam bending wood; this is why his designs all have a gorgeous curve and shape to them. They just glow with natural beauty and there is no better way to describe his work than exquisite. I have to say I could fill my home with his beautiful stuff till the cows come home so it is hard to pick just three products to talk about. However these are the three I would wake up very happy to have in my home, maybe one day my dreams will come true!

No1-pendant-cluster £1,275.00

As much a sculpture as it is a light the No 1 Pendant comes in a number of different sizes but big is beautiful to me and there could be no better statement to make in a space than this. Not only do you have the curves in the light but also the way the light creates pattern on the walls around it is just lovely.

May Coffee Table £1,195.00

Nothing better sums up the skill of Tom Raffield’s ability to sculpt wood than this table. Visually there is a simplicity to the May Coffee Table which I find really calming. The swirl in the centre of the table is so skilfully executed that it hides the fact that this is anything but simple to make. It is a piece of true craftsmanship!

Amble-Hanging-Seat £1,450.00

I love hanging seats and I really love the Amble Hanging Seat with its continuous spiral of wood, like a spring. Great for indoors or out, and it just makes me picture passing lazy summer days blissfully lounging on it.

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