Phoebe’s Fab Three – Interior Designers who use Feng Shui

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tope three designers who use feng shui

This week I look at three Interior Designers who use Feng Shui in their design work. It can be a hard leap to take the principles of Feng Shui and turn them into a beautiful interior. It shows true understanding in both disciplines which is why my hat’s off to these three ladies.


Like Cher this lady is so talented she only needs one name! She is one of America’s top Interior Designers and has been using Feng Shui in her work for over 30 years. Clodagh is now moving forward by incorporating Biophilia and Chromatherapy in her studio’s design work. She is definitely someone I would love to learn from as she is a pioneer in the Holistic Interiors area. What is relevant about Clodagh’s work is that she creates spaces that just make you feel relaxed and calm. They are beautiful and show how you can execute Feng Shui without it turning into a collection of wind chimes and water features.

lisa kahn

Lisa Kahn

Lisa and I shared the stage on the talk panel covering wellness and sustainability in design at KBIS last January. This is where I learnt how she creates “sanctuaries” for her clients which go way beyond just being a home. I also learnt she is a lovely, kind and inspiring woman, who wouldn’t want to work with such a lady to build their house! Feng Shui is her secret weapon for delivering these calming spaces. The line that stayed with me from Lisa as we discussed the crossover of sustainable design and wellness design was “people might not care about what is happening to the planet, but they do care about their own wellbeing”. Though that can appear to be a sad testament about mankind and the state of our world, it is true. People might not be looking for world peace, but we are hunting for serenity within the interiors we are in.

Marie Burgos

Based in New York, Interior Designer and Feng Shui Master Marie Burgos creates really beautiful harmonious spaces for her clients. Marie has used her Feng Shui skills to develop a Furniture, Art, Accessories & Lighting range alongside her Interior design studio. I really love the Bean chair and stool which have fab curves and come in cheerful bright colours, just the thing to lift your soul!

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