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After last week’s blog about being a more conscientious interior designer, I have hunted out a few brands that not only have gorgeous products, but their businesses put people and making a kinder world at the heart of their mission statements.

I strongly believe that it is hard to encourage people to buy ethically if they aren’t thrilled by the products being offered. In my hunt to resolve this problem I have come across so many amazing shops, social enterprises and charities. To be honest, it has been hard to highlight just three brands for Phoebe’s Fab three. So if you are loving the guys featured and this way of shopping is at the core of your beliefs then also check out Aerende who we talked about in our “Making an Ethical Bed” post, Fine Cell Work who work with prisoners and teach them the skill of sewing and local boys from Hastings, Harbor, a social enterprise that teaches the skill of working with wood.

But now to our main three.

Banbayu – Wallpaper – Pin-up Girls – £150.00

Founded by three friends Patrick, Steffen, and Roland, Banbayu is a UK-based fairtrade luxury interiors brand. Sustainably sourced directly from the artisans who make them, ethically produced and responsibly transported, discover curated luxury by local craftsmen from some of the most diverse cultures, remote islands and thriving cities all over the world. For every piece sold, Banbayu donates money back to charities in local communities across the world and makes sure the original artists receive their fair share.

I am particularly in love with their wallpaper, especially the ‘50s vibe collection. It is bright and happy with a real tongue in cheek sense of humour.

Restoration Station

Restoration Station is a social enterprise based in Shoreditch, London. They help recovering addicts by teaching them furniture restoration and then selling on the products in their store by literally throwing open their workshop doors every Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

You never know what treasure could be behind those doors. They are always looking for furniture donations but before you nip over with your old Ikea coffee table they only want pre-1980s stuff. Not only does this social enterprise help give the recovering addicts a skill and a focus to help them through those hard first months of living life clean and sober, it also recycles furniture keeping it out of land fill and in our homes.

House of Kind

Set up by Raina and Cat, “House of Kind” works with independent companies and social enterprises to build their beautiful range of homewares. By working this way, they know that their brand is helping people support themselves. In addition to helping their suppliers, they donate a percentage of their profits to charities. As if that isn’t enough, they make sure their products are full of organic ingredients and not full of chemicals, are cruelty-free and are kind to our world. Holy Moly, that’s a whole heap of kindness being put into their selection of products.

Their products are really lovely so don’t worry that being worthy means you can’t be stylish. You can. Head on over and check them out.

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