Phoebe’s Fab Three – Animals for your animals!

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Children’s rooms are one of my biggest pleasures to design! My clients and I love letting the creativity flow. Though it is wise to buy all your big furniture with longevity in mind, allow yourself to run wild with the smaller items like wall décor and small furniture. These smaller pieces bring the fun and character to the room, a bit like art lifting your living room design. This month I have picked my top three children’s room extras which put a smile on my face every time I see them.

Papier Mâché Swan

If it wasn’t for my husband having an intense dislike of swans – no I don’t know why either – this Papier Mâché Swan for £68.00 from Pom Pom and Twiddle would be in pride of place in my bedroom. This goes to show that though something can work in a child’s room, it can also look amazing in your own room too.

Bambi Chair

Okay how cute is this little Bambi Chair designed by Japanese artist Takeshi Sawada available at Someday Design. Having a chair which is child height is perfect, but this can easily take their imagination away as they ride through the forest on a noble stag! Price £190.

Animal Side Tables

Graham and Green’s Animal Side Tables at £145 are a bit of a firm favourite of mine when designing children’s rooms. They sit perfectly next to beds as their side table and if your little one feels they need a guardian at night from anything that worries them, then these fellows can be their protector as well, standing guard over them as they sleep.

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