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Every great night’s sleep sadly must come to an end but what is the best Alarm Clock to help you achieve that desired better night’s sleep? As it is being proven that keeping Mobile Phones and other electronic devices in our bedrooms is interfering with our sleep patterns, it’s time to banish using your phone as an alarm and look to the trusty alarm clock for your bedside table. For Sleep Month, Phoebe’s Fab Three checks out three clock designs that meet your body’s need for great sleep as well as looking good whilst they are yelling at you to get up.


The Gingko Cube LED Click Clock Alarm Clock With Sound Activation – £29.99 

For the insomniac, clock watching is one of the worst things to do while trying to drift off to sleep. This handsome fellow’s time display only shows when activated and the rest of the thing looks like a decorative cube of marble. So no more painful watching the time while waiting for the sandman to come. The Gingko Cube comes in different finishes so if marble isn’t your thing check out their wood effect in light and dark.



Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 Wake Up to Daylight Light – £54.99

How we wake up affects how we sleep as our body wants to follow its natural Circadian Rhythm. Back in the day we naturally woke up with the sunrise and went to sleep as the sun set. The Lumie Bodyclock mimics the sun rising so instead of shocking you awake it will pass through the stages of the sun coming up and genteelly rouse you from your slumber. Sadly, not the most attractive of the three clocks but the one which has the most science at the heart of its design.

Fred Alarm Clock – Chocolate Black – Black Dial – £25

Tick Tock Tick Tock – the classic sound of a clock is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. This gorgeous Fred alarm clock by classic clock firm Newgate is a beautiful piece of design in brown with a simple black dial and brass hands. But it is the Silent Sweep Movement, in other words NO TICKING, on the inside that makes it the right choice for your sleep not just to look good beside your bed.


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