Phoebe’s Fab 3: Treasure Hunting

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Phoebe's Fab 3: Treasure Hunting

We love finding fantastic pieces that pull a room together and have loads of unique charm. If you’re hunting for treasures that will  make your home uniquely yours, look no further than some of our favourite hunting grounds!

Watsons Auctioneers – Located in Heathfield, Watsons Auctioneers runs General Sales auctions each Tuesday morning, but be sure to keep your eye out for the occasional specialised sale day. Their auctions are a real mixed bag and I never know exactly what treasure I’ll walk away with. Exciting!

Sunbury Antiques Market – If you love an early start, then I encourage you to make your way to Sudbury Antiques Market. The market runs every second and last Tuesday of the month at Kempton Race Course and is full of so many amazing stalls that it’s difficult to leave without a car full of fantastic finds!

Charity Shops – Never overlook the humble charity shop as many man’s junk can truly become another’s treasure. I always love tucking into a charity shop to have browse of their knick-knacks and over the years have built a great collection of glass. An adding bonus is knowing that the money you have spent goes toward a worthy cause. If you’re new to charity shop treasure hunting, I encourage you to keep a careful eye out for retro (and often collectable) glass and ceramics. You never know what you will find!

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