Phoebe’s Fab 3: Tomoko Azumi

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Phoebe's Fab 3: Tomoko Azumi

This past summer, I was fortunate to hear Tomoko Azumi speak at The BIID Conference and briefly meet her later. Tomoko is a multi-disciplinary designer and has designed a diverse collection of wonderful pieces, though I’m particularly smitten by these three. Though they’re great for Christmas, these pieces are ones you will love forever.

One to Sixteen Model Sussex Chair – I adore this collection of one:sixteen scale paper model chairs based on classic designs. Once they’re put together, you not only have a perfect replica of a fantastic chair, but also a room scene from the design period from which the chair was created. Not bad for £12.00!

Arête Wide Bracelet – Looking for something a little more you? Then this gorgeous sterling silver bracelet is a must! Tomoko designed these by using paper as the template and folding it to represent mountains, creating a simple, delicate, and wearable work of art.

Spin Table – Tomoko is renowned for her furniture designs and for creating pieces that become iconic. Out of all her designs, the Spin Table is my favourite. It looks so simple but the engineering that has gone into the design and creation of it is phenomenal.

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