Phoebe’s Fab 3: Books to Cut The Clutter

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Phoebes fab three books to cut the clutter

It’s not too late for a cleansing tidy to kick off the New Year… If you need a little extra inspiration for your January clear-out, these three books will certainly do the trick and will help you get your home in order!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo– This has been a really hot book this year and I found it to be a great read. Though some of Kondo’s methods are extreme and slightly hilarious, including having to understand the emotional requirements of my socks in my sock drawer, I still loved her advice! This book gives good methods for clearing out with just enough bossiness to stop you from putting back all the just-in-case items.

The Joy of Less by Francine Jay– I have started this book and must admit that I am yet to finish it. However, I find Jay’s approach to clearing out great and wanted to include it in this list. Though Jay sometimes gets a bit preachy when it comes to our culture’s addiction to shopping and owning objects, I still think it’s worth a read as it includes great strategies for starting the year with a tidier home– and keeping it that way!

Stuffocation by James Wallman – I loved this book and found it to be a surprising page turner. It’s less of a book about tiding and more of a fascinating read about the emotional effects of being swamped by stuff and how our culture is changing its philosophy towards having experiences rather than owning consumer goods. Wallman made me truly think about whether or not I was going to be happier if I owned a new coffee table… I highly recommend reading this book!

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