How to be Confident Decorating with Colour

If you fall in love with colour in other peoples houses but just don’t seem to be able to pull it off yourself, then this is the webinar for you.

In a world that throws interior design images at you 24/7 it can be easy to become overwhelmed and not know how to put a colour scheme together that really makes you happy. In this 1 hour Free Webinar I will share some easy tips and rules that will help you put that pot of grey paint down and build your colour confidence.

What Will Be Covered?

+ How to Build a Colour scheme.

+ How to have colours that flow through your house.

+ Colour Psychology.

+ The secrets of paint charts.

+ How to get your paint colour right.

+ The 60, 30 10 rule.

+ How a Colour Wheel can help you.

+ How to pick paint for North or South facing rooms

+ When to go “dark” and when to go “light”

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