Finding your confidence with colour

Colour has a profound effect on how we feel in our homes every day. An intentional colour scheme will set the tone, create harmony and fill us with daily joy. In short, when colour is done well, your home will feel fantastic.

But with infinite colours to choose from, and hidden pitfalls along the way, it’s not surprising that creating an interior colour scheme with confidence can feel easier
said than done.

Finding your confidence with colour is a three-week course that gives you all the practical knowledge and skills you need to transform your home confidently with colour.

Learn how to

+ Use colour to create a home that looks great and feels fabulous to live in.
+ Build a colour palette and decor scheme for any room in your house.
+ Trust your own instincts and create colour palettes that you love.
+ Use colour psychology to create an emotional connection within your home.
+ Understand the science of colour to avoid mistakes and get the results you want.

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