NEW ONLINE COURSE “Finding Your Confidence with Colour” What’s that all about?

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It’s fair to say that we have all been stuck indoors quite a bit recently. After a few weeks of staring at the same four walls and scrolling a lot of Instagram interiors images many people’s minds have turned to wanting an Interior change. I reached out to ask people “If they could have 10 minutes with a an interior designer, what would they want to know more about to help you?” They all responded “I want to know how to use colour in my home. I love it but I’m just so scared of making a mistake.”

I’m not the only one to hear this cry. TrendBible, who is one of the leading trend prediction companies in the UK predicts that 2020 and 2021 is going to be the time of the colourful interiors as people seek to fill their homes with joyfulness. No more serious greys, it’s all about the happy!

But Colour can be a tricky thing to get right, which is why so many shy away from taking that plunge. That’s when my brain popped into life I realised that the reason loads of people are unsure about how to pick the right colours for their home is that no one has ever shown them how to do it. I could give people some of the knowledge I have learnt over the 18 years I’ve been an Interior designer successfully working with colour, there would be a lot more beautiful colourful homes people loving spending time in.

That is why I created Smartstyle Interiors online course “Finding Your Confidence with Colour” and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

What does the course teach you?

I wanted to teach people everything I knew about how colour works, how we react to colour, how to pick great colours and how to balance different colours in a room. It is all about giving people the knowledge and the tools to go from being worried abut making a mistake with colours, to knowing exactly how to put fabulous colour scheme together.

How does it work?

To stop “course overwhelm”, you know the one where you sign up for a course and have all the content dropped on you and suddenly find it hard to start, I have broken this down into 3 one week segments. Each Monday you will have the next round of the course realised to you. All 15 lessons are Videos, so no plodding your way through lots of written content. If you are getting a little lost about what you are learning in that week, I am running 3 ZOOM Tutor Groups, one each week, where I can go over any worries you have. So, it’s an online course that comes with real human guidance. Finally we have a private Facebook group where you can chat and share everything with your fellow class mates, after all it’s more fun to learn together than alone.

master bedroom with adjustable lamp and blue ornaments

The Course Curriculum

Week One is the Foundation Week. We will cover:-

    • The Science of Colour.
    • Colour Psychology.
      • This includes meeting the colours at The Colour Cocktail Party.
    • Colour Trends.
    • Colourful Spaces.

Week Two is your starting point, We will be teaching lots of the design tools, covering

    • Your starting point – including Mood Boards
    • How to use a Colour Wheel
    • Balancing your Colours – the 60/30/10 rule and Yin Yang
    • Layering your Textures

And in the Final Week we bring it all together

    • How to pick a paint colour
    • Pick of the paint brands
    • How light effects colour
    • Building a Decorative Design Scheme for a room
    • How to design a colourful home

“Do I have to do it in the 3 Weeks?”

Once you buy the course you have lifetime access to it, so you don’t need to finish it in the three weeks. The reason we have it run over three weeks is so students can take advantage of the ZOOM tutors groups. Take it at your own pace and with lifetime access you can always come back and redo any of the lessons to refresh your knowledge.

“What if I can’t make the Zoom Tutor Groups?”

Though we will work our hardest to find a time that works for most, sadly we know it will be hard to find a time that works for everyone. Therefore we will record the tutor groups and load them up onto the course site for everyone to view when they have the time to.

Excited to know more?

If you want to know more and book to join us then follow the link.


Your Confidence with Colour is right around the corner

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