• Studio Magazine – “Wholly Holistic”

    Phoebe’s expert opinion about Holistic Interior design in the industry, was included in this article.

  • Estila Magazine – Volume 9 – 2018 “From Acting to Designing”

    A home tour of Phoebe’s house and the story of how she went from acting to running a Holistic Interior design studio and what that means.

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  • Savoy Magazine – Issue 9 – Sept 2018

    Phoebe shared the secrets of designing a room for a good night’s sleep in this magazine issued by the Savoy hotel group. Article on pg72.

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  • So Magazine – June 2018 – “The Revel in the Details”

    Phoebe offers her top tips for designing your space for Family entertaining. (pg 127)

  • So Magazine – May 2018 – “Natural Habitats”

    Phoebe explains how Biophilia can help us to feel more connected to nature through our homes.

  • The Time – Bricks and Mortar – Friday March 16th 2018 How to Sell your Home Tinder-style

    Phoebe’s expert opinion was included in this article about how to successfully sell your home.

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