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Button on Spring Fabrics

I was 25 when I bought my first bed. My lovely boyfriend (now my lovely husband) and I had just bought our first flat together and we didn’t have any furniture. The bed was the first thing to arrive in the flat and I felt so grown-up looking at it in our new space because, as you know, buying a bed is a very grown-up thing to do.

Behind-the-scenes photos from our visit to the Button & Sprung showroom

Following a recent visit to Button & Sprung to celebrate their beautiful new showroom in Fulham, I suddenly realised how little time my husband and I put into buying that first bed. If I remember correctly, the bed shopping checklist when something like this:

  • Do we like the style?
  • Can we afford it ?
  • What is the cheapest mattress we can get to go with the bed?

Job. Done.

Now that I’m a real grown-up, let me share a few of the very important lessons I’ve learned about finding, buying and enjoying a bed.

Style, of course, is very important when selecting a bed, so we weren’t breaking any of my current bed-buying rules when ticking off that first item on the checklist. As a designer, I’m always making sure that a bed can take centre stage in a bedroom. While walking through the Button and Sprung showroom, I fell in love with a number of their upholstered beds and really admired the way they offer a style to suit many different tastes.

The Rose Upholstered Bed

When selecting a bed, it’s important to not just like it, but to love it! If you like a bold look in the bedroom, then really explore sculptural bedheads. I love playing with daring shapes and styles in my designs and I think The Rose Bed Frame is a prime example of a regal shape with a real wow-factor. When I work with clients, I encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and embrace dynamic shapes and bold fabrics when they want a high-impact room. When it comes to the bedroom, the bed should be the star, and Button & Sprung make it easy to try this approach as they have a fantastic selection of fabrics to choose from, allowing you to put your own personal stamp on the bed frame you select. In fact, if you can’t find the exact fabric you want in their large collection, they’ll happily work with your own material. The world really is your oyster!

The Holly and The Eliza Upholstered Beds

If retro-cool is more your cup of tea, then I would point you in the direction of The Daisy, The Eliza or The Willow bed frames. I personally love The Holly with its high back and angular sides, and I’m excited to be putting it forward in a beautiful grey wool for a design project I’m currently working on.


The Foxtail Upholstered Bed

If a classic, simple style makes your heart flutter, then I recommend The Foxtail, The Lily, The Poppy, and The Burdock bed frames. Not only are they chic, but the attention to detail on the finish is so crisp and beautiful that it reminds me of an elegant tailored suit.

A great bed is a long-term investment. Not only is it a piece of furniture, it’s also instrumental in keeping us well-rested and aligned. Looking back on our first bed, it’s fair to say we made our selection purely on looks. Yes, we loved that first bed, but we forgot to think about how important comfort is in getting a great night of sleep, and as anyone who has ever woken up with a stiff back, neck or shoulder can attest, the right mattress really can make all the difference!

Adam Black, the co-founder of Button & Sprung, saw that many customers weren’t selecting their mattresses with the same care as their bed frame, so he decided to do something about it. Though the beautiful bedsteads are what gets customers in the door, it’s the pocket sprung mattresses and the modern approach to the mattress buying process that are the real focus at Button & Sprung.

Personalise your bed with Button & Sprung’s large fabric collection

As Adam led us around the showroom, he reminded me that a third of our lives are spent in our beds. At many places, the bed and mattress buying process can be wholly uncomfortable as crowded showrooms are full of customers awkwardly testing out mattresses and hurriedly deciding whether or not a mattress will, in fact, be comfortable for the next 15 years of their lives.

Breathe a sigh of relief because the experience at Button & Sprung isn’t like that at all! To make the mattress buying experience better for their customers, Button & Sprung created a sleep centre on the top floor of their showroom. Seven of their nine mattresses are available on the floor and customers are left alone (no hovering salespeople in sight!) to burrow down, settle in, and really experience what it would be like to sleep on each mattress. If you’re afraid of getting too comfortable and nodding off, they’ll thoughtfully set one of their many alarm clocks for you so you can literally take your time trying out each mattress.

But their thoughtfulness doesn’t end with alarm clocks! The folks at Button & Sprung have thought of everything and even provide a designated activity area for kids so your little ones can watch TV, play games or draw while you take your time making the right choice.

We got to test mattresses and take a spin around the showroom at Button & Sprung

Though this is a sponsored post, I can honestly say that I have been bowled over by Button & Sprung’s products, ethos and attitude. Their focus on quality extends from beds to customer service and they even provide their own shipping service that won’t just deliver your new bed, but will also take away your old mattress for you. They even offer a 100 night return policy on their mattresses and, best of all, they have their very own flock of sheep, which is maybe the coolest thing a furniture company has ever told me! The company’s motto is “We make better beds. And make buying them better too,” and I couldn’t happen to agree more.

Like what you see? Visit Button & Sprung’s new showroom and find the bed of your dreams!

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