Designing your Bathroom with relaxation at the heart

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Amazing Spa Bathroom by Erica Islas of EMI Interior Design which has Mr Steam steam shower incorporated.

What is the bathroom to you? A room you spring through to get clean before either leaping into your day or your bed. But what if this room could be doing more for you? As a designer I often see this as an over-looked space, where more thought is put into the tile selection than the health of the person using the room. I think these rooms could be the key to addressing a couple of health and happiness issues. What if your bathroom was more of a spa? Not just a spa that helped you relax but also helped with your health.

Let’s start with the problems!

Stress is becoming a big issue in our modern way of living. We just don’t stop! Though technology has brought us the ability to be free it has also taken away the chance to switch off. The work/life balance is the biggest issue for most families as they just keep running from one thing to the next. So, where in that space is time to care for yourself? Spa Day? I wish!

Posture has suffered as a side effect of our use of technology, with stiff, rounded shoulders and locked lower back. It’s not just our time sitting at computers that has seen this rise but also using our phones and iPads. I have heard this called “Tec Neck” where we feel strain across our upper shoulders as we bow our heads and hold our phone. This build-up of postural problems leads to strain on further joints in the body until the pain is felt all over.

Health is also starting to suffer. Yes, stress can instigate a lower immune system, but we are also bombarded with environmental factors like poor air quality, hazardous chemicals in the products we use in our homes and in our beauty regime and a processed food heavy diet. The results are a rise in asthma – and as a sufferer myself I can tell you it’s no fun – and eczema or rosacea. Yes, I can get the second of these two as well. Call me a delicate thing!

Spa Shower by Erica Islas of EMI Interior Design and the bathroom of Mr Steam owner Martha, designed by  Lori Gilder both incorporating Mr Steam

So what is the solution?

Many people class themselves as either a shower person or a bath person! Well do not panic as there is a solution for both.

Luxury  bathroom of Mr Steam owner Martha Orellana designed by  Lori Gilder both incorporating  has Mr Steam which shows how simple it is to include in any bathroom.

Solutions for the Shower

While at KBIS I was introduced to Mr Steam who sell steam showers. Having been a big fan of the steam room in the gym back in the day when I had gym membership and seemed to spend more time in the steam room than on the treadmill, I was fascinated to understand how on earth this was possible to have at home. Well, the device is very simple and can be installed in a regular shower unit, with unobtrusive steam vent and very smart digital controls! It can even play relaxing music while you enjoy being bathed in hot, relaxing steam.

Design-wise you do need to seal the space off so instead of leaving the big gap over the shower door you have the shower surround go all the way to the ceiling, therefore trapping the beneficial steam inside the shower unit. Also, you might want to take your time and really relax so designing an integrated bench would work for sitting and letting the world float by!

The benefits are amazing, so it was worth my gym membership after all, as the hot atmosphere relaxes tense muscles and the steam and warmth open your lungs, so it is great for respiratory problems. It is no coincidence that sitting in a hot steamy bathroom was our Mothers’ recommended cure for babies with croup. And it is fab for your skin as it opens pores and helps it to cleanse but unlike dry sauna heat the moisture in the air helps moisturise your skin, so great for a bit of anti-ageing!!

In the past I have worked on homes that have installed saunas and they have always required lots of space and lots of money, so only possible for a handful of the population. But I was blown away by how reasonable Mr Steam’s steam showers were. In fact, I have now added them to my list of things to use in all future bathroom designs as I see them as a bit of a no brainer. I only wish I had known about them before I installed my own bathroom as I would love to have one.

DXV Drop in Airbath with Aqua Moment waterfall – photo on the left from Mary Middleton from Hello Peagreen and the photo on the right from Erica Islas.

Solutions for the Bath

For the bath-a-holics I know that using a bath isn’t about getting washed, it’s about a relaxing experience. It’s lying in the tub, bath oils or bubbles floating around, book in hand and a delicious smelling scented candle on the go! It’s about taking time for you!

So, it is hard to top the relaxing nature of that experience alone. However, you could get your bath working even harder for you! The DXV Drop-in Air Bath with Aqua Moment Waterfall brings you the advantages of a Jacuzzi without having to share it with other people in the spa and minus the slight smell of chemical treatment. As well as the stimulating, massaging effect of the bubbles and jets, this bath has the extra feature of a massaging waterfall from an elongated spout that flows from under the padded neck rest and runs over your shoulders. So no more chilly shoulder syndrome while you relax in the bath. And the ergonomic design to lie your head back and allow your shoulders to unlock under the massage can release the problems caused by “Tec Neck” posture.

So be you a bath person or a shower person there is a design solution to bring a touch of spa magic and wellness to your bathroom routine.

Thank You

Thank you so much to Erica and Mary for sharing their images. You girls rock!!

Blogger Small Print

This Post isn’t a sponsored post however my flights and accommodation were paid for by Modenus and a number of sponsors which included DXV and Mr Steam as part of their Design Hounds, Blog Tour KBIS. Over the last few months I have shared with you some of the inspirational finds I think will shape design to come.

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