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Dove Cushions

If you ever want to come up with a good zinger to put an interior designer down, simply refer to them as a professional “cushion thrower” or “pillow fluffer.” In addition to having a certain innuendo when they’re paired with the right kind of cheeky smile, these phrases also imply that all an interior designer does is add the odd soft furnishing as a finishing touch to an already pulled-together design scheme, which thereby diminishes the depth of our skills and the power a fully integrated design has on creating a calm, comfortable, and streamlined home.

That being said, I love cushions and feel the need to stand up for them as they do play a role in our work here at Smartstyle. A cushion can be the star of the show on a neutral coloured bed or sofa, the epicentre of a colourful room as it works to pull all the colours into one fantastic print, or the cherry on the cake, so to speak, as a fun pillow can add an extra pop of fun and fantasy to an entire room’s decor. Whilst a cushion alone won’t alter a room, we believe that the right cushion will complete it and I get a rush of girly glee when I spy a stunning pillow and wish that my bed could squeeze just one more on! Alas.

To save myself from buying all the cushions I wanted to share 10 of my favourite cushions with you. They’re perfect for adding that je ne sais qui to a room.

I’ve had my eye on this stunning Niki Jones Harlequin Linen Cushion in grey tones (£100) for quite a while. It’s the perfect finish for a contemporary space.

Is it a cushion or a work of art? These silk digitally printed cushions are independently produced by Lucy Stentiford of Slate Grey Sea and are available on Folksy. They show the changing season captured by the artist on her dog walks on the beach in East Sussex. I especially love the fact that the designs are named after particular months and especially like the stormy October cushion (£75).

This House of Hackney PEONEDEN Medium Velvet Cushion in Ochre (£75) brings back retro memories of the late 70s and I love it for it. Use it sparingly to pack a sunshiny punch in any lounge.

A photo alone doesn’t capture the stunning beauty of the soft colours with the light texture of the Minard Large Square (£84) by Margo Selby. It’s gorgeous!

I have always been a fan of Clarissa Hulse and it’s great to see she continues to put out such striking designs. I love the richness of the blue in Pipevine Cushion which is available on her site and at John Lewis (£55).

Julia Brendel is an independent fabric designer bases in Kent and she produces exquisite work that represents her Hungarian and Polish roots as well as her life of travels. This silk Flame Cushion  (£250) needs to take centre stage where you can enjoy the rich mix of colours.

Rooms needs layers of texture, especially when working with pure neutrals, so this fabulous 30cm x 50cm Pleated Cushion from Zara Home is an ideal steal at just £19.99.

My mother would have loved this Blue Doveflight cushion (£35) by St Jude’s, which is why it puts a smile on my face and nostalgia in my heart.

Bumble Bee Cushion

I just can’t help sing the praise of Lorna Syson‘s work again this month with this Broom & Bee Dusk Cushion (£52) from her new collection. I love the subtleties of the white and grey pattern with the brightness of the bee working his way through the flowers.

The sculptural element of this amazing 3D Floral Cream Cushion from Cushlab (£199 for 30cm x 50cm) takes my breath away. The attention to detail is phenomenal and deserves a very special place in a soft elegant design.

The next time the phrase “Cushion Thrower” is ever fired my way, I will hold my head up high and say, “Yes I love to throw the odd cushion into my designs” but with cushions like these, who wouldn’t?! If you need a hand in selecting cushions of your own (and design schemes surrounding them) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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