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  • "A House is a product; a Home is a process" great words from Keith Granet in his book The Business of Creativity. 
So what makes you house your home? Is it the time making it just right for you and your family? Is it the chance to fill it with memories of the life you are living in it, from Sunday afternoon art projects, to watching movies snuggled up together and meal times round the table when you can catch up on all your news. Homes are for living in, a place to be happy in, a place to express yourself in and a place to be proud of. A HOME is more than the walls of a house, it is the centre of your families universe. 
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  • Feng Shui talks about balancing the Yin and Yang, the masculine (Yang) and the feminine (Yin) Though they are opposite, they are also two sides of the same coin and to creat harmony both should be present. 
In this living room we have balanced the masculine dark walls, gold drink cabinet and heavy textured strip on the halabala chairs with a hit of feminine floral and pink in the accents!

Design Smartstyle Interiors
📸 @danielaexley_photography

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  • Did you know your body needs to feel a drop in temperature to trigger the
  • Flexibility is key in many homes as rooms have to seamlessly switch from one function to the next

This is a sofa bed in a  dressing room. This space serves three functions, Dressing Room, chilled out sitting room and guest room when needs be. Life has a fluidity to it, your home should match those needs.

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  • The first chapter of most Feng Shui books start with telling you to tackle your clutter. When UCLA did a study about the modern American family in their home they found clutter caused people
  • Kitchens are the jewel in the crown of any home. They are where we flock to as a family and at parties.

When I design kitchens I