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Out and about with Phoebe.

  • I have this thing for designing bespoke wardrobes. Get the inside right and your
  • We spend a lot of our lives in our work environments and it is shocking how many of these are unsupportive of the people who work in them. 
I believe that all space we are in should be designed to support us physical, emotional and asthetically, thats Holistic Interior Design. With corporate spaces you also need to represent a brand, what your shop, hotel or office looks like encourages customers to buy from you and excellent staff to join your team. So why with so many companies is it not even taken into consideration?

Luckily for us we got to create this beautiful conference room for our London Barrister clients. We had already work on the reception and waiting room and now this stylish conference room is always booked out! 
#interiordesign by @phoebeoldrey 📸 By @daniellaexley

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  • Kids rooms have to cover a multitude of tasks, sleeping, playing and homework. Their rooms are their sanctuary and a place in a family home to be an individual. 
We designed this room for a twin girl who loved all the lovely stationary from Smiggle so wanted a desk in her room that could keep it all organised. Every member of a family needs their own identity and space. 
Design by @phoebeoldrey
📸 @danielaexley_photography

#holisticinteriordesign #familyhome #childrenroomdecor #childrenroom #kidsinteriors #interiordesigner
  • So will 2020 be a year where dark and moody is still in design favour. I love how dramatic a dark wall can make a room and gives it inviting hide away feelings. 
#holisticinteriordesign #interiordesign #interiordesigner #guestbedroom
  • Well here
  • "A House is a product; a Home is a process" great words from Keith Granet in his book The Business of Creativity. 
So what makes you house your home? Is it the time making it just right for you and your family? Is it the chance to fill it with memories of the life you are living in it, from Sunday afternoon art projects, to watching movies snuggled up together and meal times round the table when you can catch up on all your news. Homes are for living in, a place to be happy in, a place to express yourself in and a place to be proud of. A HOME is more than the walls of a house, it is the centre of your families universe. 
Design Smartstyle Interior
📸 @danielaexley_photography

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