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  • Phoebe’s Fab Three – Wellness in Design – Best Water Jugs!

    With our bodies need to drink over 2 litres a day of water it can be hard to stay on top of that so I have picked three different receptacles that let you keep the daily water habit up. With a war on plastic, purchasing a bottle of water to have with you while out and about isn’t the way to go any more. Luckily the stainless steel water battle is here to save the day! 

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  • Retro Planters

    This month the blog has been all about incorporating nature into our interiors to bring the happiness we get from outdoors into our homes. And what easier way to do it than by filling our rooms with plants? Not only do these bring joy by providing a splash of living green but they also help cleanse the air we breathe. Displaying our plants is about more than just the plant itself; it is also about the container we place it in. But what do we put them in that says Gor-ge-ous without being the generic pot that comes with it?

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  • Phoebe’s Fab Three – Alarm Clocks

    Every great night’s sleep sadly must come to an end but what is the best Alarm Clock to help you achieve that desired better night’s sleep? As it is being proven that keeping Mobile Phones and other electronic devices in our bedrooms is interfering with our sleep patterns, it’s time to banish using your phone as an alarm and look to the trusty alarm clock for your bedside table.

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