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  • How to look chic with Children’s Art!

    You are standing at the school gates, waiting to collect your child and out they run with a happy little face and clutching an artistic masterpiece. Let’s not beat around the bush here, sometimes this piece of work can be awful. I mean isn’t “junk modelling” just your recycling returned to you covered in Sellotape?! But amid the Rembrandt misses can be some very beautiful Picasso hits. They mean the world to your child and to you and they should be celebrated.  It can be the most meaningful art that ever enters your house.

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  • Retro Planters

    This month the blog has been all about incorporating nature into our interiors to bring the happiness we get from outdoors into our homes. And what easier way to do it than by filling our rooms with plants? Not only do these bring joy by providing a splash of living green but they also help cleanse the air we breathe. Displaying our plants is about more than just the plant itself; it is also about the container we place it in. But what do we put them in that says Gor-ge-ous without being the generic pot that comes with it?

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    Bringing the Outside Inside!

    Bringing the Outside Inside! There is a wrestling match between what our bodies crave and what our lives are doing. We are spending 90% of our time indoors yet research is saying that we have a general happiness and wellbeing from contact with nature. Even when I look at my own family I can see this in action. My husband blossoms when he is outdoors as if his soul is filled with joy.

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