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  • Biophilic Design – What’s that about?

    Have you ever noticed how your spirits are lifted when you are outside? Maybe it’s a walk on the beach or through the woods. At home you can get extraordinary pleasure from being in your own garden. Even your humble potted plants can bring you joy! This “feeling” is what makes the building blocks of “Biophilia”, a concept Edward O. Wilson introduced in 1984 which describes the relationship between humans and nature. But it’s not just about how we relate to nature; it is about how having contact with nature makes us happier.

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  • Framptons Bar Top

    Design On My Doorstep: Framptons in Tunbridge Wells – From Bank to Bar

    Tunbridge Wells has a new cafe/bar on the scene and I just had to check it out as it’s oozing with design fun! As anyone local will know, Framptons has made its home in an old bank building situated at the entrance to The Pantiles. Watching the flurry of builders on the site this past year has been fascinating and I was so excited to see what magic was happening behind the scaffolding to transform the building, which had been closed for so long, into a new hot-spot!

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  • Summer at The Serpentine Pavilion

    Summer at The Serpentine Pavilion

    There are days in life in which you feel very lucky and like all your hard work has paid off. For me, this day came last week when I was invited to the press launch of this summer’s Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens. In London’s architecture and design world, the arrival of the Pavilion outside the Serpentine Gallery marks the beginning of summer, and this year’s was extra special as it included four stunning summer houses just a few steps away at the gallery’s neighbouring Queen Caroline’s Temple.

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