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  • How to look chic with Children’s Art!

    You are standing at the school gates, waiting to collect your child and out they run with a happy little face and clutching an artistic masterpiece. Let’s not beat around the bush here, sometimes this piece of work can be awful. I mean isn’t “junk modelling” just your recycling returned to you covered in Sellotape?! But amid the Rembrandt misses can be some very beautiful Picasso hits. They mean the world to your child and to you and they should be celebrated.  It can be the most meaningful art that ever enters your house.

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  • Summer at The Serpentine Pavilion

    Summer at The Serpentine Pavilion

    There are days in life in which you feel very lucky and like all your hard work has paid off. For me, this day came last week when I was invited to the press launch of this summer’s Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens. In London’s architecture and design world, the arrival of the Pavilion outside the Serpentine Gallery marks the beginning of summer, and this year’s was extra special as it included four stunning summer houses just a few steps away at the gallery’s neighbouring Queen Caroline’s Temple.

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  • Phoebe's Fab 3: Pick of the Prints

    Phoebe’s Fab 3: Pick of the Prints

    Changing up your artwork is a great way to freshen up your existing design scheme without too much cost or trouble. I particularly like hunting for new prints every year to bring a new feel to a space and though it was difficult to narrow down, here are three of my favourite places to buy great prints that are eye-catching and right on trend.

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  • Painting

    Falling Hard for Art

    I see so many beautiful things in the homes of my friends and clients (I am, quite simply, surrounded by good design), but there is one particular accent to great design that consistently turns my head. Sometimes it even makes me stop dead in my tracks, takes my breath away, or inspires me to crack a smile or even laugh out loud. That thing is art, and over the last decade it’s become more and more important to me and the interiors I design.

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