Book By My Bed: Dream Decor

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Book By My Bed: Dream Decor

This month’s brilliant book is Dream Decor: Styling a Cool, Creative and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Will Taylor.

Why did I buy this book? 

As an interior designer and interiors blogger, I’m pretty immersed in the digital design world and if, like me, you happen follow any of the blog glitterati on social media, you likely know the name Will Taylor and be familiar with his beautiful, colourful blog, Bright.Bazaar. For those of you who need an introduction, Bright.Bazaar is a fantastic lifestyle blog full of stunning photos from Will’s travels, up-close peeks at divine interiors, and a style section in which he sports super stylish clothes while cooly dashing around New York. I like to think of Will as the Tom Hiddleston of the design world, and when you see his picture you’ll know what I mean! For me, Bright.Bazaar’s bold use of colour makes it a must-visit internet destination, and his blog brings a big dose of summery vibes every time I read it.

As a long-time Bright.Bazaar reader, when I saw his second book, Dream Decor, I just had to snap it up and bring his summery happiness home with me.

So, what did I think of this book? 

This is a man who truly shares my design philosophy and loves encouraging people to embrace their own style and stories in a space. He wants readers to have the courage to express themselves in their décor, which is a design principle that I fight hard for with all my clients as I work to life their homes from being cookie-cutter boxes to truly unique and vibrant homes.

Dream Decor is broken down into two sections, the first being Dream Elements, which takes components of design like texture and pattern and gives some advice and principles to follow for embracing these elements in your own design. The second section is titled Dream Styles and breaks down style categories like Coastal Retreat and Hollywood Chic. Will explores what these style terms mean and what’s needed to bring the look to life in your own home.

This book is written simply and presents ideas in a way that is easy for anyone to grasp, which I really love. The photography of both the interiors and Will’s own travels are absolutely stunning and make this book a true work for art. Peppered between the photos are pretty drawings which bring a fresh and fun feeling to the layout, and all this comes together to communicate Will’s bright personality and makes for a very enjoyable read.

Would I recommend this book?

Absolutely! This is a must-have book for any design enthusiast and no bookshelf will be complete without it. I know I’ll certainly be dipping in and out of my copy for inspiration for a long time, and I highly recommend other design lovers to do the same.

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