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    Bringing the Outside Inside!

    Bringing the Outside Inside! There is a wrestling match between what our bodies crave and what our lives are doing. We are spending 90% of our time indoors yet research is saying that we have a general happiness and wellbeing from contact with nature. Even when I look at my own family I can see this in action. My husband blossoms when he is outdoors as if his soul is filled with joy.

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  • Phoebe’s Fab Three – Nature

    This month I am celebrating all things “Nature” and how we just feel so much better by being in contact with the great outdoors. By looking at the principles of Biophilia I have been fascinated how we can bring that happy feeling to our interiors. Natural products are an amazing way to go to bring the outdoors in and I can think of no better person who exemplifies this than Tom Raffield.

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  • Biophilic Design – What’s that about?

    Have you ever noticed how your spirits are lifted when you are outside? Maybe it’s a walk on the beach or through the woods. At home you can get extraordinary pleasure from being in your own garden. Even your humble potted plants can bring you joy! This “feeling” is what makes the building blocks of “Biophilia”, a concept Edward O. Wilson introduced in 1984 which describes the relationship between humans and nature. But it’s not just about how we relate to nature; it is about how having contact with nature makes us happier.

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  • Phoebe’s Fab Three – Alarm Clocks

    Every great night’s sleep sadly must come to an end but what is the best Alarm Clock to help you achieve that desired better night’s sleep? As it is being proven that keeping Mobile Phones and other electronic devices in our bedrooms is interfering with our sleep patterns, it’s time to banish using your phone as an alarm and look to the trusty alarm clock for your bedside table.

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