• Air Pollution in our Homes

    There are only three very basic things we need in this world to live: water, air, food. Everything else – including light (though our food does require this to grow) – is an added bonus. Air is probably the one we take the most for granted and when we think of polluted air we see smoggy cities and congested motorways. However, air pollution ironically is starting to be 2-5% higher inside our homes than outside.

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  • Phoebe’s Fab Three – Wellness in Design – Best Water Jugs!

    With our bodies need to drink over 2 litres a day of water it can be hard to stay on top of that so I have picked three different receptacles that let you keep the daily water habit up. With a war on plastic, purchasing a bottle of water to have with you while out and about isn’t the way to go any more. Luckily the stainless steel water battle is here to save the day! 

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  • Wellness in Design – What’s that about?

    Over the last few years there have been a few buzz words that have started to really infiltrate our culture. One of them is “wellness”, another “self-care”. We have all become alert to the hype around wellness and how we should be shaping our lives to take our mental and physical health into account. But how many of us are asking if our homes or workspaces are supporting our wellness instead of just supporting our Instagram likes?

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  • Designing your Bathroom with relaxation at the heart

    What is the bathroom to you? A room you spring through to get clean before either leaping into your day or your bed. But what if this room could be doing more for you? As a designer I often see this as an over-looked space, where more thought is put into the tile selection than the health of the person using the room. I think these rooms could be the key to addressing a couple of health and happiness issues. What if your bathroom was more of a spa? Not just a spa that helped you relax but also helped with your health.

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  • How to look chic with Children’s Art!

    You are standing at the school gates, waiting to collect your child and out they run with a happy little face and clutching an artistic masterpiece. Let’s not beat around the bush here, sometimes this piece of work can be awful. I mean isn’t “junk modelling” just your recycling returned to you covered in Sellotape?! But amid the Rembrandt misses can be some very beautiful Picasso hits. They mean the world to your child and to you and they should be celebrated.  It can be the most meaningful art that ever enters your house.

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