• Phoebe’s Fab Three – Pick of the Dining Room Tables

    With the rise of the Command Centre kitchen where every aspect of life now culminates, the dining room table has become the centre  . From family meals, to entertaining, to homework and craft projects, to decisive family conversations (where was your last family holiday planned from?), even businesses are run from them! It is the one piece of furniture that brings a family together. Think of it as the board room table of family life. So picking the right one is really important.

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  • Designing the Perfect Family Kitchen

    Why is it that everyone at a party ends up in the kitchen?

    I experienced this first hand on New Year’s Eve this year. I desperately tried to corral my guests into the lounge; after all it is a good-looking room and also has comfortable seating. But would they go? Apparently not.

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  • A Blogger with Writer’s Block

    So where have I been? It has been a mad, mad, mad couple of months running Smartstyle Interiors with lots of Interior Design jobs on the go; it has felt exhilarating! I get up each morning and get my head down for a day of designing and managing the implementation on projects.

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