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It’s no secret that one of the hottest trends this year is the return of warm metals. That’s right, we’re waving goodbye to chrome, the metal that has exemplified modern chic interiors in recent years, and are welcoming in beautiful brass, copper and gold. These warmer metals are everywhere at design shows and can be found in glittering accessories, eye-catching furniture details (I particularly like the furniture legs dipped in brass) and dazzling on shiny brushed brass pendent lights.

These warm metals aren’t just in our living spaces, they’re also making a big comeback in our bathrooms, especially in the case of the gold tap. I know, I can barely believe I’m writing it, but it’s true: Gold taps are back! I must admit, I feel a little guilty about celebrating the return of the gold tap as I’ve been responsible for the removal of quite a few over the last decade, but now I’m advocating to put them back. So what has prompted this change of heart? For me, I love the warmth gold brings to a space. It feels especially refreshing after years of stark and sanitary chrome and white bathrooms.

As designers, we’re starting to really play with the bathroom space more and our clients are investing a lot more money in them. One builder recently informed me that their clients were spending more per square foot in their bathroom than they were the kitchen, which is traditionally the most expensive room in the house. Patterned floor tiles, sumptuous dark colours, and opulent accessories are making these spaces feel luxurious and cosy. The bathroom, after all, isn’t just a place of convenience, it’s also a room you want to relax in and more and more we’re making them the kind of spaces where we can light a few candles and sit back in a warm and calming bubble bath.

As such, I was delighted when I was appraoched to write this post on bathroom trends. Thanks to Homebase (and some smart style!) you don’t need to have Abramavich’s budget to create a cosy and beautiful bathroom full of warm metals and deep tubs. Let’s explore my favourites from their collection.

Let’s start with the tap. I love the Westminster Bath Shower Mixer Tap (£129.99) and would recommend pairing it with the Traditional Roll Top Bath (£749.00) for a classic look. I’m also a big fan of the classic contemporary style, and would pair this tap with the Vitale Contemporary Oval Freestanding Bath (£2,619.99) for a cool modern look that has luxury written all over it.

If the Westminster tap is a traditional step too far for you, then I recommend the Bristan Colonial Basin Mixer in Gold (£84.99) which, with its lighter colour and contemporary shape, has a bit of a cooler look to it. I would especially like to team this tap with the Henley Grey Vanity Unit (£799.00) to marry the metal with the colour of the moment, grey. Of course, you’d then have to change the chrome handles on the unit and I think the Modern Brick Carved Top Knob in Brass (£3.99) would be a perfect choice. To finish off the look, I would add the Vitale current Round Smooth Countertop Basin (£539.99) as I love using a round basin to soften a bathroom space.

To give these pieces a Skandi freshness, paint the walls an off-white but if it’s a wow-factor you’re after, I would suggest going for a dramatic dark grey– something like Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball– so the shine of the Bristan tap really stands out against the dark walls. To finish off this ensemble, hunt around for an antique mirror from an auction hours or fair, and add some personal accessories or art. You can bring so much personality to a room if you bring in pieces that are unexpected or by mixing your new and old items!

One of the biggest challenges of a bathroom is storage. Without the proper storage solution, a bathroom can easily be filled with piles of lotions and potions, making the space cluttered instead of calming. I like to keep things tidied away in cupboards as much as possible (which the vanity unit is perfect for) but for things that we need to have at hand, like cosmetics, I like to use small bowls as on-display storage. The Oval Wooden Bowl (£11.99) is perfect for this and I particularly like that things won’t get lost in the bottom of the bowl as it’s quite shallow. The wood will also bring a warm finish to the space that compliments the warm metals nicely. If you’re lucky enough to have a guest bathroom, I suggest rolling face clothes, like the Face Cloth Zero Twist Cotton in Grey (£1.00) and leaving them out with travel shampoos and shower gels for guests to enjoy. And no bathroom is complete without something scented! I always love candles (especially when paired with a relaxing bath) and think this Grey Sprig Filled Candle (£3.99) would be the perfect finishing touch to a modern bathroom.

If you’re feeling brave enough to embrace glittering gold taps or if you’re thinking about renovating a bathroom in your home, I would recommend taking a look at thier collection. With the right details, you can create a truly beautiful space.

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