A Blogger with Writer’s Block

Posted by Phoebe Oldrey in Story of Us

So where have I been? It has been a mad, mad, mad couple of months running Smartstyle Interiors with lots of Interior Design jobs on the go; it has felt exhilarating! I get up each morning and get my head down for a day of designing and managing the implementation on projects. But it has taken its toll on my writing head. Even when I find the quiet moment to sit down and put fingers to keyboard, I can hear the tumble weed blowing through my mind. I close my eyes to squeeze a creative thought out and realise they have all gone into my design work. I think “there is so much to say about the profession and artistry that is Interiors!”, but still the wind howls between my ears and no subject comes.

Maybe it is that I have been writing my blog for over 6 years. That’s a lot of content for one little head. On top of that, we produce content for magazines, podcasts, Ted Talks and social media. My main focus is on running my Interiors firm in Tunbridge Wells and running to and from my lovely clients’ houses all over Kent. I also have a family who I do wish to spend time with. So, for once in my life I’m going to be gentle with myself and say, “it’s okay to have some writers’ block”. To help me through it I’m off to have another cup of tea and get my head back in the game. After all, I do love getting to talk about the bigger side to Interiors, so I can’t stop now!

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