Behind the Scenes at Smartstyle

Here at Smartstyle, we're juggling a variety of projects at any given moment. Here are a few peeks behind the scenes of what we're currently designing, sourcing, envisioning and implementing for our clients. 


Tenterton Interior Design presentation bourd

Late last year Smartstyle Interiors was commissioned to bring all the Interior decoration together for this house in Tenterton that the owners had recently built for themselves. At the end of the build they had run out of energy and inspiration to bring that final wow factor to the project they had work so hard on and which would make it a home to be amazed by. Smartstyle Interiors was more than happy to help! 

Tenterton Interior design Presentation Boards fro Music Room
Tenterton Interior design presentation bourd for Kitchen

Sevenoaks Tital Page.jpg

We're in the finishing stages of a beautiful family home redecoration in Sevenoaks in Kent. The clients are completely renovation their amazing period property that used to be a Victorian Stable and Coach house. This project has been all about bold bright colour and cool contemporary products and it's been a lot of fun to pull together.


Building works on site in Sevenoaks
Onsite picture of family kitchen in sevenoaks
Master Bedroom design by Smartstyle Interiors

This was a fun project to bring together a light Scandie style decorative scheme and get the most out of the compact rooms in this Town house in the heart of Tunbridge Wells.  

Interior Design scheme for a Hallway for a Tunbridge Wells Clients
Smartstyle Guest Room Design fro Tunbridge Wells Client

We've been working on this concept design for a snug and kitchen in Farningham for the last few months and we're looking forward to implementing the design this autumn. Snug and cosy, indeed! 

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