Tunbridge Wells Office Renovation for Naylor Accountancy Services

A local accountancy practice, Naylor Accountancy Services, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, was seeking a bright, clean, and crisp office space that communicated their vibrant company culture to their clients and created a comfortable and engaging space for their growing team. We delivered the design with loads of stylish storage space and an eye-catching statement wall that adds an absolute wow-factor! 

Our primary focus on this project was interjecting the space with great details packed with personality. We used this stunning geometric custom wallpaper as the focal point of the office space and hung a large company sign to brand the space and set the tone.

As we were working with accountants, we had to be very mindful of the project's budget. We hunted around for furniture that was high quality and a great value and were able to pull together a really eye-catching and on-brand look for the firm located in Southborough Business Centre in Tunbridge Wells. Our hard work paid off and the building's office manager now uses the space as the showstopper when taking prospective tenants on viewings of the building.

With an office like Naylor Accountancy Services, you're bound to end up with loads of paperwork that needs thoughtful filing. As we all know, it can be tricky to be organised and stylish, but with the help of some very on-brand office organisers, everything can be filed away very neatly. Truly ogle-worthy organisation! 

Phoebe did a great job designing our office here at Naylor Accountancy Services and she has made it a place we all love to come to work. It gives us the modern clean look that we want to emphasis our modern approach to accounting. Clients always comment on how nice and modern our office is and it is functional. We also use the office on our website, for PR and marketing so it has been the best thing we did to get Smartstyle in. I can highly recommend Smartstyle and Phoebe
— Nikolai Naylor, Naylor Accountancy Tunbridge Wells