Tunbridge Wells Home Renovation by Smartstyle Interiors – Living Room Design

A New Start in a Tunbridge Wells New Build

After moving from London to a seven-year-old new build in Tunbridge Wells, our client's new home was a blank slate. We worked with them to create a comfortable and contemporary interior with a great mix of antique pieces for every room of their new home.

Tunbridge Wells Home Renovation by Smartstyle Interiors – Living Room Sofa.jpg

The hearth is the focal point in the living room, and we made sure of this by replacing the existing fireplace with a sleek and modern one for the family to congregate around. In addition to the fireplace, we also replaced all the doors in the home to make sure visitors felt each room's impact as soon as they put their hand on a door handle and walked in. We love the way the glass panels on these doors allows the hallway to seamless flow into the living space whilst also keeping the living room separate when need be.

We love to use art as colour inspiration in our clients' homes and the soft blues and greys of the colour scheme in this classic contempoary design comes from the Emma Green painting that hangs in a built-in alcove over the fire.

Tunbridge Wells Home Renovation by Smartstyle Interiors – Chairs.jpg

This home is full of special details, like this Lorna Syson lamp shade that hangs in the hallway.

The modern shelving and antique pharmacy drinks cabinet in the dining room allow the family to fill the room with details that bring colour, functional storage and personality to this gathering space.

A combination of old and new elements in the master bedroom are pulled together by gorgeous Jessica Zoob fabrics. 

Tunbridge Wells Bathroom Design by Smartstyle Interiors 2.jpg

The master en suite has plenty of storage which helps keep the space clean and clutter-free.

We all know that a family home needs to be as comfortable for the parents as it is for the children. We designed child-friendly bedrooms for the family's two boys and made sure to focus on fun colour, exciting art and loads of functional storage solutions. 

Tunbridge Wells Home Renovation by Smartstyle Interiors– Children's Room Decor.jpg

As time goes on, children grow, and we gave the above bedroom a stylish overhaul as the family's eldest son entered his tweenage years. This bold bedroom design will grow with him over the years and thoughtful storage solutions ensure that it will be just as functional and comfortable to live in at seventeen as it is now.

This home isn't only comfortable for the family that lives in it, but also for their guests! We designed a comfortable oasis complete with a plush sofa and private en suite so guests can make themselves at home when they come to visit.