Stylish Dining Room Design in Sevenoaks

When we took this design job in Sevenoaks, Kent, our client had recently renovated their home but still felt their personality wasn't shining through in their dining room. We worked closely with them to update the dining room and imbue the space with personal details and special pieces. The show stoppers in this room include a bespoke bookcase and storage unit and a set of mismatched dining chairs that give the room a more eclectic feel. 


The challenge with mismatched sets of dining chairs is keeping the different styles similar enough to read as a cohesive set whilst making sure they're distinctly different enough to make a statement. To unite these mismatched dining chairs, we upholstered each chair in a different red fabric but painted them all the same cool grey, which allowed them to work with the existing colours in the room.

Like many of us, our client wanted to showcase their book collection whilst keeping other possessions hidden away. To do this, we designed a bespoke wall unit with built-in lighting to keep things organised and eye-catching at the same time. 

Sevenoaks Dining Room Design by Smartstyle Interiors 3.jpg
Phoebe from Smartstyle has been great in sorting out our dining room. It was a project I had been meaning to get round to for some time and following a recommendation I met Phoebe and she got things sorted! I felt the service was very professional and friendly and gave me the right mix of my original ideas and the Smartstyle touch.