Master Bedroom Design in Little Bayham

This new build home in Little Bayham, Kent, presented a number of design challenges, including different shaped windows, a sloped ceiling, and angled walls. With some creative problem solving and thoughtful furniture choices, we were able to bring unity to these elements and create a relaxing master bedroom where our clients could comfortably bask in the sun or catch a few winks.


We used a mixture of florals and rich blues to compliment the bedlinen, which was the focal point of the room, and to create a space that felt cosy and fresh, bold and natural.

I needed the master bedroom to be redecorated with all furnishings brought together in one attractive scheme, based on specific bedlinen.

Smartstyle was knowledgeable, proactive, creative; worked to my fairly tight budget, kept to time schedules and was very pleasant to do business with.